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Iconic Motorcycles and Cars In Movies Goa

Iconic Motorcycles and Cars In Movies Goa

Lights, camera and action! These are the three words that symbolize movies, besides actors and the gltiz and glamour associated with them. Often, it is the actors that are said to add the iconic touch to movies, but there are several movies where a crazy set of wheels are what have made that particular movie iconic, and often it is because of those bikes that movies are famous.

And certain movies whether made internationally or within the country itself, have never failed to set our hearts racing when the hero or heroine zooms into the frame with a beautiful set of wheels and hence, grabbing all our attention.

Thus, this article is an ode to all the bike lovers out there, from us here at Dolphin Rental! Here’s to the never-ending passion within our hearts, and here’s to the spirit that lives within.

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